Training Services NSW – Apprenticeships

Providing comprehensive information and resources for apprentices and trainees, including guidance on starting and managing apprenticeships, available financial support, and details on training programs and career pathways.

Organisation Overview

The NSW Government’s Apprentices and Trainees website provides a centralized resource for information and support related to apprenticeships and traineeships in New South Wales.

It offers detailed guidance on starting, managing, and completing apprenticeships, including the steps involved in becoming an apprentice or trainee, finding employers, and understanding legal obligations.

The site also covers financial support options available to apprentices and trainees, such as allowances and scholarships.

Additionally, it provides access to training programs, career pathways, and support services to ensure successful training outcomes and career progression. This resource is designed to assist individuals, employers, and training organisations in navigating the apprenticeship and traineeship landscape effectively.

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