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RTO Services and Consulting provides training organisations in the VET sector with professional development and training; audit, and compliance support; validation and verification services; and niche assessment development solutions.

Organisation Overview

RTO Services and Consulting’s Principal, Carol Hunter, holds a unique skill set. She has been a trainer, assessor (in both schools and TAFE), manager in private and public RTOs, a writer of accredited courses, a State and National regulatory auditor and the Director, Training Quality and Regulation in Queensland regulating over 1500 RTOs.

This experience in operational and strategic roles in the VET industry allows Carol to see the vocational education and training system from three critical points – quality training and assessment for the student, quality business management for an RTO and quality outcomes for the VET system.

In various roles since starting in VET, Carol has

  • supported the compliance needs of small and large clients, (public and private providers)
  • presented at conferences, webinars and meetings at national and state levels to VET  practitioners and administrators, regulators and auditors
  • trained auditors (nationally and internationally).

What drives us?

Working with organisations that see compliance as a small piece of their big picture (a preventative health check) in their regime of business diagnostics and supporting and encouraging organisations to develop their capacity to build quality RTO businesses to

  • have the necessary building blocks in place/to ensure they are operating effectively for the size and scope of the organisation
  • establish their risk profile and put strategies in place to assess and deal with risks,
  • understand/utilise existing data for performance/continuous improvement that is real and valuable
  • establish the benchmarks for/maintain high standards of governance that contribute to business health and quality outcomes.

The new national standards (due for implementation in 2025) will require us all to be doing the work around these issues in our RTOs.

What do we love? (in no order of preference!) 

    • all types/styles of auditing
    • professional development/training
    • validation/verification – quality assurance and quality review
    • compliance reviews of policies/processes, systems
    • continuous improvement (rubrics, modelling and implementation)
    • everything VET

How do we work? 

Potential clients should expect to make bookings with lead time, especially for services requiring more extensive consultations or time commitments.

RTO Services and Consulting offers most of its services on an hours-used basis. We believe that this model incentivises quality and compliance. A quality-driven organisation will need fewer hours of assistance (at least over time) because their issues or non-compliances will be few.  To be practical, we recognise that clients need to know the budget’s bottom line. So, based on experience, we can provide a quote. Our quotes usually include options, allowing potential clients the freedom to create the services that suit their operations and budget.

Ultimately, only paying for the time used (whether for a longer-term consultancy or a specific service) is an efficient, effective and fairer way for organisations to target risk, manage their business improvement and improve governance and assurance practices.

For selected clients with whom we have established relationships, we offer retainer-based services for regular or ongoing assignments or those who require more frequent access to support.

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