We provide experienced RTO and CRICOS offshore staffing solutions. Combined with innovative ‘workforce engineering’ services, we partner with leaders to scale profitable and efficient organizations.

Organisation Overview

Exploring recruitment services for your RTO? Look no more!

PeoplePartners specializes in exceptional offshore staffing solutions. By accessing qualified and experienced global talent in the Philippines and South Africa, we increase efficiency and reduce costs for RTO businesses by up to 70%, allowing you to focus more on delivering quality training and support to your students.

How can PeoplePartners support you with recruitment services…and more?

✓ Exceptional Offshore Talent That Increases the Productivity of Your Onshore Team
PeoplePartners provides you with meticulously selected, RTO experienced, offshore talent from the Philippines and South Africa that not only complements your ‘onshore team,’ but also elevates their job satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. With your ‘offshore team’ now removing the lower-order or repetitive tasks your ‘onshore team’ dislikes or is not suited to, they can now focus on higher level strategies and tasks to better serve your students. Think: offshore student support officers, student tutors and student enrolment officers.

✓ Customized Solutions for Your Unique RTO Challenges
PeoplePartners strategizes with you to ensure the roles and tasks we recruit and hire for address your RTO’s unique needs and challenges, making it easier for you to adapt to industry changes. Think: quality assurance officers, compliance officers and social media marketing managers.

✓ Unmatched Savings of up to 70% Labour Cost
Hiring talented offshore teams can help you save up to 70% in labour cost. This allows you to reinvest into other areas of your business, such as training and development, growth or profit. Think: hiring 5 team members for the price of 1.

✓ Secured Cybersecurity and Industry Expertise
PeoplePartners secures your offshore teams’ data integrity and compliance with our robust technology for your ultimate peace of mind. We also ensure your offshore teams’ VET industry expertise with our comprehensive RTO staff onboarding program.

PeoplePartners can be your partner in operational excellence and growth, supporting you in scaling your RTO business profitably and efficiently, whilst maintaining quality service.