National Careers Institute

The National Careers Institute (NCI) supports Australians with reliable and accurate careers information and resources.

Organisation Overview

The National Careers Institute (NCI) is an Australian government initiative aimed at providing reliable and accurate career information and resources to Australians.

NCI collaborates with industry leaders and influencers to promote best practices in career education and support individuals in making informed career decisions.

Key activities include:

  • Career Information: Offering comprehensive and independent career information to help individuals understand different career paths, job market trends, and required skills.
  • Resources and Tools: Providing a range of tools and resources, such as career guides, planning tools, and access to career practitioners, to assist individuals at various stages of their career journey.
  • Partnership Grants Program: Supporting organizations through grants to deliver innovative projects that improve career outcomes and create education and training pathways for Australians.
  • Collaboration: Working with employers, education providers, and community organisations to enhance the quality and accessibility of career information and guidance.

The world-leading labour market intelligence provided by Jobs and Skills Australia informs the activities of the NCI.

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