Didasko Learning Resources

Didasko Learning Resources is dedicated to delivering premium online learning resources tailored for the Australian vocational education sector.

Organisation Overview

Drawing on a wealth of experience, Didasko Learning Resources is committed to providing premium online learning resources specifically crafted for the Australian vocational education sector. With a rich history spanning over 25 years, Didasko Learning Resources specialises in creating online learning materials tailored for training organisations.

Our offerings include top-notch, interactive, and immersive online training content and resources, guaranteeing a high-quality learning experience for all.

We produce comprehensive learning and assessment materials to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Technical and Further Education (TAFEs), and High Schools across the country and internationally. Operating within the SIT, BSB, FSK, CPC, and CHC training packages, Didasko Learning Resources remains dedicated to consistently expanding its scope and enhancing its product offerings.

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