Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (QLD)

The Department (DESBT) in Queensland supports job creation, small business growth, and skills development through a range of programs, services, and initiatives.

Organisation Overview

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) in Queensland is a state government agency dedicated to fostering job creation, supporting small business growth, and facilitating skills development across the state.

DESBT offers a range of programs and services designed to enhance employment opportunities, provide training and upskilling for workers, and support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The department works closely with industry, education providers, and communities to ensure that the workforce meets the evolving needs of the economy.

Additionally, DESBT is responsible for implementing vocational education and training (VET) initiatives, managing apprenticeships and traineeships, and promoting inclusive employment practices.

Through its efforts, DESBT aims to drive economic development and improve the livelihoods of Queenslanders.

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Contact Details

Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (QLD)
13 74 68

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