Cloud Assess

The Training and Assessment solution that power brighter futures for everyone.

Organisation Overview

Cloud Assess is the award-winning, fit-for-purpose RTO software tailored specifically for the Australian Vocational Education and Training industry. We understand the complexities of running a Registered Training Organisation, and our mission is to streamline skills development with progressive technology, ensuring compliance and accessibility for all.

As a versatile Training, Learning, and Assessment Management software, we heavily invest in product development and support for our clients. Our easy-to-use assessment and form builder, combined with unique features that enable the automation of repetitive tasks, allow you to eliminate messy paper processes and welcome efficiency and profitability.

With real-time insights and data-based reporting, you gain transparency and control over your workload and resources. Rest assured with compliance-enabling features like quality checks, electronic signatures, and revision control. The intuitive Learner App offers tailored Journeys for enjoyable learning experiences from enrolment to result, without restrictions.

Key Features include:

  • Flexible Assessment Builder to create any assessment type
  • Offline and Mobile App
  • Ability to assign different user roles and permissions, including 3rd parties
  • Workflows and automation
  • Mapping
  • Record & User Timelines
  • Multimedia evidence gathering
  • SCORM Compliant
  • Resource Library for eLearning, digital forms, and resources
  • Zapier Integration and off-the-shelf integration with Student Management Systems
  • Training & Assessment Plan builder
  • In-app support and Help Centre
  • + more

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