Custom AI Chatbot trained on your own data!

Organisation Overview

If you’re looking for an easy way to create your own AI chatbot, then Botsonic is one of your best bets. It offers all the essential tools (and then some). More than that, it also features a polished UI that is easy for just about anyone to use.

Botsonic is a no-code platform that lets businesses have natural flowing conversations with their website visitors or users.

Training Botsonic also couldn’t be easier. It supports file upload (in PDF, DOC, and DOCX formats), URL links (including YouTube video links!), or an entire website sitemap. It gives an easy option to input one-off FAQ questions and answers to train the chatbot on specific or routine questions your users often have.

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Inspired by the capabilities of ChatGPT, Botsonic takes user interactions to the next level, providing a highly engaging and intuitive experience. With Botsonic, you can effortlessly create your own custom ChatGPT bot with just a few simple steps. Simply log in to Writesonic, and you’ll have the power to craft an intelligent chatbot tailored to your specific needs.